Waverly Belmont's Teacher of the Year....

CONGRATULATIONS to Ms. Codi Cummings,

First Grade Teacher!

Waverly-Belmont Teachers are the best of the best. Take a minute to connect and see what is happening within their rooms.


Ms. Goodman- TwitterDSC_0685

Ms. Stokes- Twitter

Ms. Henry- Twitter

Mrs. Ogle- Facebook   Twitter

Ms. Barna- Twitter

Ms. Clodfelter- Twitter


First GradeDSC_0669 (1)

Ms. Cummings- Twitter      *2016-2017 Teacher of the Year

Ms. Ford- Twitter

Ms. Bunyard

Mrs. Whitley- Twitter

Ms. Wheeler

Ms. Ashmore






Second Grade

Mr. Herman  Twitter

Ms. Ribianszky Twitter

Mrs. Tilson  Twitter Blog

Ms. Williams Twitter


Third Grade

Ms. Barksdale

Ms. Keene- Twitter

Ms. Crofford- Blog  Twitter

Ms. Robertson


Fourth GradeDSC_0658 (1)

Ms. Kupper- Twitter

Ms. Molloy- Twitter

Ms. Gentry- Twitter


RelaDSC_0690ted Arts











Music- Mrs. Walle   Blog  Twitter

Mandarin, Chinese- Mr. An  Twitter

Art- Mrs. Bixby  Blog            Twitter

PE-Coach Tomalo and Coach Moore

Library- Mrs. Hartley  Twitter Library Website


Special Education

Mrs. McLean-  Twitter


Principal Mrs. Blankenship-  Twitter

Assistant Principal-Mr. Caher

School Counselor- Ms. Lamb  Twitter

Instructional Coach-Mr. Byler

Academic Dean Ms. Jamerson  Twitter    *2015-2016 Teacher of the Year for Waverly-Belmont

Elementary School  Twitter

WB PTO   Twitter   Facebook

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