Meeting Minutes

Dyslexia Presentation- May 2017

Have a SMART students who is struggling with reading, writing, math and/or spelling?

It may be DYSLEXIA. Letter reversals are not the only, or even the most common sign.

1 in 5 people suffer form Dyslexia. You are not alone.

1. TedEd - What is Dyslexia? (4 minutes)


2. HBO Documentary - The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia. 



3. NPR - Unlocking Dyslexia, a six part series.



4. Tennessee Department of Education - Dyslexia Advisory Council Page 

Dyslexia Advisory Council - TN.Gov

5. United States Department of Education, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services "Dear Colleague" letter dated October 23, 2015 directing schools and districts to say and use the word "dyslexia." 





6. How to help your child-


 Parent Learning Series 2017

Testing, Assessments, Screeners, and More: How do we collect student data, use data for instruction, and monitor student progress?  PRESENTATION

Literacy and Numeracy Instruction: What does a typical day look like for your child? How do we teach Reading and Math?  PRESENTATION

Instructional Technology and Blended Learning: So we’re a technology demonstration school...what does that mean? How do we use technology to support teaching and learning?  PRESENTATION

What’s Bulldog Time? ...and other ways we meet the individual learning needs of students. Learn more about Encore, Giftedness, Enrichment, Intervention, Differentiation, and more.  PRESENTATION

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