Waverly-Belmont PTO By-Laws2016-2017

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Waverly-Belmont PTO Bylaws 2016-2017


These Bylaws shall regulate the affairs of Waverly-Belmont Parent Teacher Organization (the “PTO”) of the Waverly-Belmont Elementary School, subject to the provisions of the Corporation’s Charter and any applicable provision of the Tennessee Nonprofit Corporation Act §§ 48-51-101, et. seq. (the “Act”).



The PTO is organized to develop a closer connection between school and home by encouraging parent involvement and to improve the environment at Waverly-Belmont School through volunteerism and financial support, funded outside of the annual school budget, that enhances the educational and emotional well being of the students.


Section 1: The PTO shall operate for charitable, educational, nonpartisan, non-sectarian, and non-commercial purposes and shall not discriminate based on; age, sex, sexual orientation, creed, or national origin.


Section 2: The PTO will strive to use the money raised in a given year to benefit the school in the following school year. Special fundraising programs can be approved to raise extraordinary funding for long-term capital projects. These funds will be kept separate from the PTO’s operating budget and dedicated to the intended purpose. PTO funds will always be used in accordance with the PTO’s Mission. Any funds not appropriated may rollover to the next year’s budget.


Section 3: The policies of the PTO are established to maintain a tax-exempt status as defined by Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


Section 4: The name of the PTO and the names of any of its members in their official capacities shall not be used in any connection with a commercial concern or political interest or for any purpose not appropriately related to the Mission of the PTO.


Section 5: The PTO may cooperate with other PTOs within the same school district that have similar goals and interests, but shall not interfere with the administration of these schools or seek to control its policies.



The fiscal year of the PTO shall begin on July 1st and end on the following June 30th.


Section 1: Membership. Any parent or guardian of a student currently at the School, the Principal, or any teacher currently employed at the School may become a PTO Member. The association shall conduct an annual enrollment of members, but persons may be admitted to membership at any time.


Section 2: Dues. Dues are not required for membership, but a donation to the PTO may be requested. Each member shall have one vote in matters submitted to the membership for vote. Each member must sign-up annually.


Section 3: Vote. Each individual member shall have one vote. Voting may take place by voice or, upon request, by written ballot. Members must be present at the meeting to vote.

Section 4: Regular Meetings. There shall be regular meetings of the members as determined by the Board. Such meetings shall be held within Davidson County, Tennessee. It may be held on any day set pursuant to resolution of the Board.

Section 5: Notice. Notice of any meeting of the Members shall be given at least ten (10) days prior thereto, in form decided by the Board. Any member may waive notice of any meeting. The attendance of any member at any meeting shall constitute a waiver of notice of such meeting, except where a member attends a meeting for the express purpose of objecting to the transaction of any business because the meeting is not lawfully called or convened. Neither the business to be transacted at, nor the purpose of, any regular or special meeting of the membership need be specified in the notice or waiver of notice of such meeting, unless specifically required by law or by these Bylaws.

Section 6: Quorum. The quorum at any regular or properly called meeting shall consist of those in attendance.

Section 7: Manner of Acting. The act of a majority of the members present at a meeting shall be the act of the membership, except where otherwise provided by law or by these Bylaws.




Section 1: Officers. The Officers shall consist of a President, President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and three teachers nominated and chosen by staff. The position of President may be a shared position between two individuals, thus acting equally as Co-Presidents. More Officers may be added to the Bylaws as voted on by the Executive Board as need requires.

Section 2: Eligibility. Only Members shall be eligible to serve in any Officer position.


Section 3: Nominations & Elections. Nominations for Officers' positions shall be submitted at the April PTO meeting. At this meeting, additional nominations may also be made by the PTO membership. The names of the nominees will be made available to the members of the PTO no later than the final general meeting of the school year.


Section 4: Term of Service. Voting shall take place at the May PTO meeting. Officers shall be elected for a term of one calendar year (beginning July 1st and ending on the following June 30th) by the general PTO Membership. An individual may not serve more than two consecutive years as an Officer. There may be an option for a third year to act as a mentor to the new officer. In this case, the position will be shared and all duties shared. The incoming Officer must request the Mentorship year and inform all Officers at the first PTO meeting of the fiscal year. A person may hold only one Officer's position at a time.


Section 5: Vacancy. In the event the PTO fails to fill all Officer positions at the May PTO meeting, the incumbent of the expiring term may remain in office for one additional school year or until an election of a new official at any regular meeting. The incumbent may not remain in an official position for two additional years.


Section 6: Resignation. Any officer may resign at any time by giving written notice to the Board, the President, or the President-Elect. Any such resignation shall take effect at the date of receipt of such notice, or at any later time therein specified, and, unless otherwise specified, the acceptance of such resignation shall not be necessary to make it effective.

Section 7: Removal. Any officer or agent elected or appointed by the membership may be removed, with or without cause, by a majority vote based on quorum rules (established in Article V).


Section 8: Compensation. The PTO for their service shall compensate no Officer.


Section 9: Contracts & Purchases. No Officer shall secure any contract in the name of the PTO without the approval to do so by vote of the PTO Executive Board. Any approved purchases must be made within the budgetary restrictions. Tax free exemptions may not be misused in any way.


Section 10: Conflicts of Interest. Whenever a Board Member or Officer has a financial or personal interest in any matter coming before the board of directors, the affected person shall a) fully disclose the nature of the interest and b) withdraw from discussion, lobbying, and voting on the matter. Any transaction or vote involving a potential conflict of interest shall be approved only when a majority of disinterested members determine that it is in the best interest of the PTO to do so. The minutes of meetings at which such votes are taken shall record such disclosure, abstention and rationale for approval.



Section 1: President

The President(s) shall:

  1. Preside over all meetings of the PTO.
  2. Prepare each meeting's agenda.
  3. Be a member, ex officio of all committees.
  4. Represent the PTO at city-wide meetings or other meetings outside of the organization.
  5. Assist in the total coordination of all committees and the PTO as a whole.
  6. Spend no more than 3 percent of the annul budget on any one item or combination of related items, not included in the budget, without the consent of the general membership.
  7. Sign checks, notes, etc. in the absence of the Treasurer.
  8. Appoint Special Committees as needed.
  9. Announce PTO meetings to the School population at least one week in advance of that meeting.
  10. Receive final authority over the content of the listserv, website, facebook, twitter and any new communication technology that develops, from the Principal.
  11. Serve as an authorized signatory of PTO checks.


Section 2: President Elect

The President-Elect shall:

  1. Perform the duties of the President in his/her absence, resignation, or inability to serve.
  2. Assist the President and learn the role for the next year’s service.
  3. Work closely with the Fundraising Director and assist with the fundraising planning.

Section 3: Vice-President The VP shall: 1. Serve on the Parent Advisory Council (PAC). 2. Support the Principal in all efforts related to MNPS Board and Metro Council Member relations 3. Works with the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and cluster representatives on Waverly-Belmont Elementary and PTO specific issues 4. Report regularly on these areas to the Board of Directors. 5. Work closely with the Marking Director and report back to board with the Marketing goals and efforts.


Section 4: Secretary

The Secretary shall:

  1. Maintain all records of the PTO, including transactions, contracts, correspondence, and related documents.
  2. Record the minutes of the meetings of the Executive Board and PTO and forward copies to each Executive Board member within two weeks of the recorded meeting.
  3. Circulate the minutes from the preceding PTO meeting at each monthly PTO meeting
  4. Maintain organized records from the planning of any event hosted by the PTO. These records should be kept in a secure location at the School, should be made available, upon request, to any Committee Chair planning a similar event, and turned over to the next Secretary to hold this position.
  5. Attend to the official correspondence of the PTO, including, but not limited to, gestures of appreciation and sympathy on behalf of the PTO.
  6. Hold a copy of the PTO Bylaws, Parliamentary Procedures, and current Membership list and make each available upon request to any PTO Member at any PTO or Executive Board meeting.
  7. Provide a printed copy of these Bylaws to each newly elected Executive Board member prior to the first regular PTO meeting.
  8. Oversee the Community Partnership Director role.
  9. The Secretary serves as an authorized signatory of PTO checks.


Section 5: Treasurer

The Treasurer shall:

  1. Make certain that the books from the prior year have been reviewed before accepting them and securing the signatures of new officers authorized to sign checks; two signatures are required on each check.
  2. Work with the Principal, President and VP to compile and present the budget to the Executive Board.
  3. Act as custodian of funds and perform all banking activities of the PTO.
  4. Maintain up-to-date, accurate financial records of the PTO.
  5. Receive all funds of the PTO; including, but not limited to, donations and fundraising sales and contributions.
  6. Provide a written and oral financial report of the receipts and expenditures at each PTO and Executive Board meeting and at other times upon request of the Executive Board.
  7. Audit all invoices and receipts submitted for payment or reimbursement to ensure each request is in compliance with PTO policies. Pay all bills and disburse funds as authorized by the Executive Board.
  8. Perform the complete and timely filing of all federal and state tax returns as well as other financial reports, pertaining to the PTO's 501(c)(3) status, as applicable; and maintain accurate records of such.
  9. Complete all financial updates by the close of the Fiscal Year and provide a full year-end report.
  10. Serve as an authorized signatory of PTO checks.
  11. Oversee the Enrichment Director role.


  • General Powers. The Board shall supervise, manage and control all of the affairs, business activities, and policies of the PTO.
  • Number. The Board shall be comprised of the officers of the PTO. From time to time, the Board may increase or decrease the number of officers/directors, provided the Board always consists of at least three (3) individuals.
  • Limits. No two persons from the same household shall serve as directors of the organization during the same school year. The PTO Board has the authority to reassign specific job duties as necessary or required.
  • Advisors to the PTO. The Board may elect or appoint any person or persons to act in an advisory capacity to the PTO or in an honorary capacity with respect to the PTO.


     Section 5: Duties. The Executive Board shall conduct necessary business in preparation for the Regular PTO meetings and shall prepare a proposed budget to be voted upon by the PTO Membership at the first regular PTO meeting of the fiscal year.



Section 1: Regular Meetings of the PTO - Shall be held no less than quarterly at the School, on a date and time pre-established by the Executive Board. Dates and times of the meetings shall be proposed by the President at the first regular meeting of the school year. Meetings may also be held by conference call, in the event of an emergency. All members should sign-in when attending a meeting. The Secretary should retain records of the sign-in sheets.


Section 2: Executive Board Meetings - Shall be held no less than quarterly on a date mutually agreed upon by the Officers. The newly elected Executive Board shall meet at least once between July 1st and the first PTO meeting of the upcoming fiscal year for the purposes of preparing a balanced budget proposal which shall be presented at that first regular PTO meeting of the school year. A vote shall be taken at the first regular PTO meeting as to either accept or amend the Executive Board's proposed budget.


Section 3: Special Meetings of the PTO - May be called at any time during the school year by the President or upon the written request to the Secretary of at least five (5) PTO members in good standing. The objective(s) of such Special meeting must be set forth and presented to the PTO membership at least 10 days prior to the meeting.


Section 4: The final PTO meeting shall take place in May, prior to the close of school.



Section 1: Use. PTO funds shall be used for programs, events, and items that directly benefit the staff and students of the school.


Section 2: Income. All funds raised for the PTO must be documented and submitted to the PTO Treasurer within 10 days of receipt. All funds received by the Treasurer must be deposited into the PTO bank account within 4 days of receipt by the Treasurer. Separate deposit receipts should be maintained for funds received from each unique fundraising event.


Section 3: Expenses. Reimbursements for all expenses shall be made only after receipts for the expenditures have been audited, documented, and approved by the PTO Treasurer. Reimbursement requests should be submitted to the PTO Treasurer within 30 days of the incurred expense or by three weeks prior to the end of the fiscal year, whichever comes first, and must be accompanied by a receipt. Any cash advance to cover expenses prior to a purchase must be documented in detail. All unused funds must be returned to the PTO Treasurer immediately following the purchase. All checks written by the PTO must have two authorized signatures on them.


Section 4: Non-Budgeted Requests. Monetary requests for non-budgeted items may be submitted to the PTO at a monthly PTO meeting by any PTO member in good standing. A vote for approval of the monetary disbursement shall be taken at the next scheduled meeting of the PTO. Advance notice of the upcoming vote shall be publicized to the PTO Membership at least 1 week prior to the vote.


Section 5: Reporting. An updated financial report shall be made available in printed form to each PTO member at each PTO meeting.

Section 6: Spending Cap. Consistent with the authority vested in the Board of Directors, a majority of the board must authorize expenditures, consistent with the mission of the PTO for no more than three (3) percent of the annual budget or $5,000, whichever is lesser.


Section 7: Carry-Over. The PTO is authorized to carry over funds for the following fiscal year as recommended by the Executive Board.


Section 8: Disbursement. President, Treasurer, Secretary have authority to sign any disbursement but must be signed by two for the three members with authority.




Section 1: Standing Committees. The following Standing Committees shall exist for the purpose of carrying out a specific set of relative duties: Fundraising, Enrichment, Marketing, and Community Partners Program. Additional Special committees may be formed at any time either at the request of the President or by a majority vote of the PTO membership.


Section 2: Chairpersons. Chairpersons of Standing Committees shall be elected annually by the PTO membership. Nominations shall be submitted at the April PTO meeting. Elections shall take place at the May PTO meeting. An Officer may also act as Chair of up to two Standing Committees.


Section 3: Records. The Chairperson of each committee shall keep a written record of the activities of his/her committee in a manner that would allow these records to be passed along to future Chairs. These records should be turned over to the Secretary who will maintain a comprehensive file of all events planned by the PTO and make them available to future Chairs.


Section 4: Committee Members. Chairpersons may solicit and appoint additional members including community members to serve on their respective committees as necessary.


Section 5: Contracts & Purchases. No Committee Chair shall secure any contract in the name of the PTO without the approval to do so by vote of the PTO Executive Board. Any approved purchases must be made within the budgetary restrictions in accordance to Article X, Section 6.


Section 6: Term of Service. A person may not serve as the Chairperson of the same committee longer than two (2) consecutive years.


Section 7: Attendance. Committee Chairpersons shall attend Executive Board and monthly PTO meetings to report on the activities of his/her committee.




Section 1: Fundraising Directors

The Fundraising Director shall:

  1. Research options, plans, and anticipated profits and expenses for any fundraising projects and present suggestions to the Executive Board.
  2. Prepare and execute fundraising projects as approved by the Executive Board.
  3. Solicit volunteers to assist with each Fundraiser.
  4. Report all Fundraising activities, expenses, and profits at each monthly PTO meeting.
  5. Maintain confidential records of all contributions.
  6. Maintain planning records of each fundraiser and pass these along to the Secretary for permanent record keeping.
  7. Oversee and execute the Savings Programs (i.e. Box Tops, cartridges, GoodSearch, etc.).

Section 2: Enrichment Director

The Enrichment Director shall:

  1. Coordinate educational enrichment programs for students in all grades.
  2. Work with the Principal and teachers to coordinate events that enhance current curriculum.
  3. Notify the Marketing Committee in advance of event dates for photo coverage and make sure that all participants photographed have permission to be photographed.
  4. Write a summary of each event for publication in the newsletter or School website for the purposes of informing School parents that the event was sponsored by the PTO.
  5. Should facilitate 4 Service Projects each fiscal year in which the students learn the value in giving to others.
  6. Coordinate after-school programs

Section 3: Marketing Director

The Marketing Director shall:

  1. Attend School functions and events to take photos and write articles for submission to the local newspaper, School newsletter, and School website
  2. Decorate and maintain the PTO bulletin board in the School lobby to reflect a positive and informative display.
  3. Coordinate annual parental consent forms necessary for the publication of student photos.
  4. Work closely with the School Principal to build and maintain the School website.
  5. Coordinate and execute the School photo to be taken each year.

Section 4: Community Partner Director

The Community Partner Director shall:

  1. Plan and implement a program for school students where they are partnered with a community member for Lunch Dates to build social and emotional skills.
  2. Work with teachers and school counselor to find community volunteers for the students in the program.
  3. Coordinate activities for community members/students.
  4. Organize and fundraise for the Backpack Program, Angel Tree, Clothing Closet, Coat Drive.




Chairs shall be formed to assist with particular tasks through the PTO. The Chair will report to the Director of the Committee. This role was designed to spread responsibilities so no one job was too cumbersome.


Section 1: Invest In Your Child Chair

The Invest In Your Child Chair shall:

  1. Organized the month long fundraiser.
  2. Think of creative ways to have families participate.
  3. Report to the Fundraising Director.

Section 2: Fall Fundraising Chair

The Fall Fundraising Chair shall:

  1. Organized the fall fundraiser.
  2. Think of creative ways to have families participate.
  3. Report to the Fundraising Director.


Section 3: Spring Fundraising Chair

The Spring Fundraising Chair shall:

  1. Organized the spring fundraiser.
  2. Think of creative ways to have families participate.
  3. Report to the Fundraising Director.


Section 4: Reward Cards Chair

The Rewards Card Chair shall:

  1. Organize and submit Boxtops.
  2. Inform parents of all the ways they can support the PTO with rewards programs.
  3. Think of creative ways to have families participate.
  4. Report to the Fundraising Director.


Section 5: Social Media/Newsletter Chair

The Social Media/Newsletter Chair shall:

  1. Organized the monthly newsletter.
  2. Think of creative ideas for the newsletter.
  3. Report to the Marketing Director.


Section 6: Website Chair

The Website Chair shall:

  1. Update Website monthly.
  2. Think of creative ideas for the website.
  3. Report to the Marketing Director.


Section 7: Room Parent Chair

The Room Parent Chair shall:

  1. Solicit volunteers for a minimum of one Room Parent per classroom and maintain records (i.e. name, phone, email) to contact these individuals.
  2. Coordinate and review with the Room Parents their responsibilities; including requesting parental consent forms for student photos and the PTO Directory, supporting the teacher with class parties, Teacher Holiday gifts, coordinating the decoration of Field Day t-shirts, and recruiting parent volunteers to assist at various PTO events.
  3. Coordinate end-of-the-year activities, 4th grade yearbook, 4th Grade Gift to the School, and School Gifts to 4th Grade students.
  4. Report activities of the Fourth Grade Activities Committee to the Executive Board to ensure there are no conflicting programs. Plan and implement all not-for-profit social activities for School students and their families; including, but not limited to Spirit Days.

5.Plan and serve refreshments and babysitters at the monthly PTO meetings and other PTO functions.

  1. Coordinate the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon, New Parent Breakfast, Kindergarten Ice Cream Social


Section 8: Backpack Program Chair

The Backpack Program Chair shall:

  1. Organize the distribution of food weekly to students.
  2. Fundraise for the Program.
  3. Organize community packing days for bags of food.
  4. Report to the Community Partnership Director.


Section 9: Clothing Closet Chair

The Clothing Closet Chair shall:

  1. Organize the space for easy access to clothing.
  2. Organize the distribution of clothing students.
  3. Fundraise for the Program.
  4. Organize community donations.
  5. Report to the Community Partnership Director


Section 10: Mentoring Program Chair

The Mentoring Program Chair shall:

  1. Find, Background check and train mentors.
  2. Match mentors and mentees.
  3. Check in on partners to make sure program is successful.
  4. Report to the Community Partnership Director


Section 11: Walk/Bike to School Chair

The (WB)2 Chair shall:

  1. Recruit, train and organize volunteers
  2. Organized the weekly route for students.
  3. Organize community walk/bike days in October and May.
  4. Report to the Community Partnership Director


Section 12: After School Programs Chair

The After School Program Chair shall:

  1. Organized programs for after school enrichment.
  2. Share information so all families know about the program.
  3. Collect money and pay teachers that have programs.
  4. Report to the Enrichment Director


Section 13: Assemblies Chair

The Assembly Chair shall:

  1. Organized 4 enrichment assemblies for students.
  2. Share information so all families know about the programs.
  3. Report to the Enrichment Director


Section 14: Service Project Chair

The Service Project Chair shall:

  1. Organized 4 student lead service projects for students.
  2. Share information so all families know about the programs.
  3. Report to the Enrichment Director


Section 15: Garden Program Chair

The Garden Program shall:

  1. Organized a garden program for students.
  2. Share information so all families know about the programs.
  3. Report to the Enrichment Director



ARTICLE XIII - Miscellaneous Provisions


Section 1: Insurance. The PTO may, to the full extent permitted by law, purchase and maintain insurance on behalf of any such person against any liability, which may be asserted against him/her or volunteers brought in the school by PTO.

Section 2: General Exculpation. To the fullest extent that the law of the State of Tennessee as it exists on the date hereof or as it may hereafter be amended permits the limitation or elimination of the liability of directors, no director of the Corporation shall be personally liable to the Corporation for monetary damages for breach of fiduciary duty as a director; provided, however, that this provision is not intended to eliminate or limit the liability of a director (i) for acts or omissions not in good faith or which involve intentional misconduct or a knowing violation of the law, (ii) unlawful distributions under Section 48-58-304 of the Act, as amended from time to time.

Section 3: Effect of Amendments to Act. If the Act is amended after approval of this Charter to authorize corporate action further limiting or eliminating the personal liability of directors, then the liability of a director of the Corporation shall be deemed to be limited or eliminated to the fullest extent permitted by the Act, as amended.



Section 1: Dissolution. The PTO may be dissolved provided prior notice is given to the PTO Membership, a vote is taken at the next scheduled Regular PTO meeting (a quorum must be met), and the request is approved by a majority vote of those present.


Section 2: Remaining Funds. Upon a vote to dissolve the PTO, the remaining PTO funds shall first be used to pay any outstanding PTO debt and then either:

  1. A vote shall be taken by the PTO Membership to spend remaining funds on an item or items that benefit the students; or
  2. The remaining funds be held in escrow by the Principal for use by a future School PTO. If a PTO is not formed within 24 months, the funds shall revert to the School and be used toward the benefit of the students under the discretion of the Principal.




Amendments to the Bylaws

These Bylaws may be altered, amended or repealed and new Bylaws may be adopted by a majority vote of a quorum of the members present at any regular or at any special-called meeting of the membership.

I certify that the foregoing Bylaws of the PTO were approved and adopted for the PTO by its members, that these Bylaws are currently in effect, and that they contain all amendments thereto which have been duly approved and adopted by its members.



Effective May 2016


Nicole Moztny

Recording Secretary