Mrs. Susan Blankenship and Mr. Tim Caher

Front Office Staff

Mr. Calo, Mrs. Richmond, Mrs. Diaz


Ms. Gormley


Mrs. Edmondson, Ms. Goodman, Ms. Griffin, Mrs. Guinn, Mrs. Robertson

1st Grade

Ms. Cummings, Mrs. Garrett, Mrs. Gough, Ms. Lindsey, Ms. Mgbemere, Ms. Morton

2nd Grade

Ms. Fields, Mrs. Jackson, Ms. Rush, Mrs. Sylvester, Mrs. Williams

3rd Grade

Mrs. Barksdale, Ms. Gumucio, Mrs. McLaughlin, Mr. Rackoff, Ms. Robertson, Ms. Scott

4th Grade

Mr. Bray, Dr. Drossner, Mr. Herman, Mrs. Martin, Ms. Schmutterer

Related Arts

Mrs. Bixby (Art), Mrs. Walle (Music), Mr. Diaz (Spanish), Coach Tomalo, Coach Dison

Special Education

Mrs. Dunaway, Ms. Irvin, Mrs. McCormick, Ms. McGowen, Mrs. McLean,

Media Specialists

Mrs. Hartley and Mrs. Whittle

School Counselor

Ms. Watts

Literacy Teacher Development Specialist

Mrs. Temple

Reading Interventionist

Mrs. Hobbs

Advanced Academics Resource Teacher/Math Instructional Coach

Mrs. Byrd

Speech Pathologist

Ms. Rollins

Teacher of the Visually Impaired

Ms. Johnston


Ms. Darish


Ms. Prince

School Psychologist

Ms. Roberts

Social Worker

Ms. Dinkel

Occupational Therapist

Ms. Elkins

Educational Assistants and Paraprofessionals

Mrs. Gregg

Ms. Close

Ms. Crowe

Mr. Elsberry

Mrs. Fitzgerald

Ms. Gooch-Grigsby

Ms. Pincham

Ms. Rippy

Mrs. Todd


Mr. Bill

Cafeteria Manager

Ms. Harris


Mr. Jason